Ab​out Us

Navigating your financial challenges is all about you. While investing wisely is a component of financial planning, to reach your goals we need to first identify them. 

Most of our clients have difficulty in defining exactly what their goals are and figuring out where they are now in relation to those goals. Many worry about outliving their money.

Together we determine your desired destination and help you chart the journey there using a combination of wealth tools to help you get above market returns with reduced volatility so you can sleep better at night and enjoy your life.

DC Complete Financial is an independent financial planning broker. Investia Financial is our clearing house for buying and selling your investments. IDCWIN is the clearing house for acquiring insurance products to protect your interests.

What Clients Say About Us

"Choosing DC Complete Financial as my independent broker was the right choice for us. The depth of knowledge and the access to bank and non-bank investments means I got what I wanted and not what the bank wanted to sell me."


"Everything you talked about made sense and I want to move forward. You've saved me a ton of time trying to figure out what to do to improve my financial situation."


David Chen
Lead Planner

David started in the industry in 2004 with Pencorp and Sun Life Financial, later choosing to become an independent broker in 2016 in order to be unleashed in searching for the best financial instruments to meet our clients' needs.

He specializes in working with families who have a disabled member along with anyone who is determined to improve their financial situation but might not know how.

His focus is to use ESG investments and financial planning to get higher than market returns for lower risk for our clients

Beth Rykszynski
VP Operations

Beth is our head of administration. If you have appointment booking, administrative or general questions, she is here to help you

Helen Evans
VP Communications

Helen is in charge of our communications insuring that they are clear and concise for our clients.