Do You Feel Like You Are On A Path To Nowhere?

Most of our clients came to us because they felt they were on a bridge to nowhere.

Finances is not everyone's favourite subject nor is everyone strong in structuring strategies to maximize their potential.

We know that the financial world with it's complexities and its own lingo can make financial matters scary. We try our best to simplify concepts and terminology so that you can understand what is going on and what needs to be done.

Let us help you make your path clear.


The Path to Fulfilling Your Financial Potential:

Nothing happens overnight. The key to financial comfort is to simply start a strategic plan of action. Over time, with well placed low tax investments, debt reduction and stop loss plans, you will build the wealth that can take your money concerns away.

A balanced portfolio of investments and stop loss plans give you the best chance to succeed. Like our name states, Complete Financial knows this very well and is licensed to work with both investments and insurance so that you will receive a balance of financial instruments that will meet your unique needs. You can then use this wealth to buy the car you want, travel, buy another property or a whole host of other desires you want.

We are experienced all of the standard financial services plus:

stop loss benefit plans to protect your assets
helping you erase your mortgage faster
low tax investments
getting two tax refunds for your retirement savings contributions
helping you get your RRSP / RRIF money out at a fraction of the tax cost
income guaranteed for life retirement plans
disabled family member financial matters




Feel free to contact us for a no obligation check-up and use the results to clarify your own situation and see what choices you have to face your challenges.