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Notice of change of operations

After almost 12 years of affiliation with Sun Life Financial, we have decided to part ways as our business philosophies and the needs of our clients have now grown apart from each other. We appreciate Sun Life Financial's education and support in the work we did together and are saddened by the need to evolve and part ways. Sun Life accounts will be reassigned to a new Sun Life affiliated advisor and our non-Sun Life accounts will remain with us.

As of February 1st, we have converted our licenses to a purely independent advisory model. This will enhance the breadth and depth of access to services and products available throughout Canada and permit our team to be able to fully embrace an independent holistic financial analysis. With this change we are moving to fee based services (fee-class investment accounts where the monthly management trailer is not embedded but fully disclosed) which are more transparent to our family of clients and more importantly, potentially tax deductible as opposed to the fee embedded system we left.

As part of this change we have moved our base of operations to Vancouver.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience of these disruptions and changes, but they are necessary to insure that we can provide the highest level of financial advice and services for our clients on an ongoing basis.

We thank you for your continued trust and patronage during this evolution.

We shield you from aggressive takeovers

People introduced to us always ask, "what do you do?"

The easiest way to answer that is "we shield you from aggressive takeovers!"

Lack of coherent and customized financial strategies opens you and your family up to:

  • creditor attack (if you are not financially able to pay your bills)

  • family attack (money often makes people do insane things)

  • government attack (if you don't take care of all of your tax liabilities)

  • litigation attack (if you have been negligent towards another party)

If you fail to plan for future asset growth to meet all of your debt obligations, ignore future costs of health problems, have no plans for retirement, do not address risk management or shield assets from creditor and litigation attack, then odds are you will face an aggressive takeover of your possessions at some point in your life and this will negatively impact you and your loved ones.

Your one call, financial services network
(with mobile services)

Canadians like you face complex rules and regulations regarding taxation, investments, retirement and estate preservation during your life and when you pass your wealth to your next of kin. Our client focused network of professionals can answer your questions and help you understand how these factors affect you and what you can do to make sure your money stays in your pocket.

Our family style firm believes that personalized service is the top priority for our all of our clients. We personally know every single client we have worked with so that we can truly understand our clients' unique needs. We can help you understand what options will help you maintain the fun things in your life like family, a home, hobbies, vacations and retirement despite the dips and unforeseen things that can happen in life.

We offer a complete line of investment and insurance services directly through our professional team and network of professionals. This means you get complete and balanced choices for your unique financial needs.

To meet all of your needs, our network also includes:

  • corporate lawyers

  • estate and trust lawyers

  • accountants

  • tax preparers

  • mortgage brokers and lending specialists

  • commercial and residential property and liability insurance

  • real estate agents

  • certified financial planners (CFP)

  • retirement specialists (CPCA)

  • licensed insurance and investment advisors

  • funeral service specialists

  • workplace violence management specialists

  • merchant services

If you have a need and that professional is not in our network, we still know how to find the answers you are looking for.

Over 45% of our clients were introduced to us by other clients and the new client called us first!!! Our extremely high client retention and satisfaction regardless of profitable or naughty financial markets demonstrates the value of the extra effort we put into helping our clients succeed.

We believe that there is only black and white when it comes to the best interests of our clients.

We are paid in a manner that is fair for the services and expertise we provide. Our "no load" investment accounts means no more dreaded front end charges (skimming) or deferred sales charges (3-6 year locked in accounts with early withdrawal penalties) which can have unpredictable results that reduce your profits and/or lock your account. Occasional market losses is a normal occurrence in long term investing but advisors making big commissions when you are losing money and you can't leave because you are locked in, is just not fair in our opinion. We want to service our clients fairly and win when you win.

We have been in business since January 2004 and we continue to expand our family of clients by helping people like you from all walks of life and all levels of income. Our wide range of experience with simple cases and complex cases makes us one of your best choices to help you reach your future goals.

Bottom line, as an independent broker we are an independent financial services team that works for you!!

For more information, you can contact us at:

FeelFeel free to contact us for a no obligation check-up.


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