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These links are provided strictly for informational purposes. No recommendation to use these services is implied or expressly indicated. There is no warranty on the accuracy of the information provided at any of these websites. By following these links you are warrant that you are accepting all liability for any damages resulting from the use of any information or services from any of these websites.


General  Market Information Resources

Gold and precious metals www.kitco.com

Currency exchange www.xe.com

Canadian business news www.bnn.ca

Canadian business news, blogs and mutual fund valuations www.globefund.ca

US and Canadian Stock data and analysis www.stockhouse.ca

Low Cost Online Stock Trading for most US and Canadian exchanges www.questrade.com


Investments and Insurance Companies

CI Investments www.ci.com

Income for life www.sunwiseeliteplus.com

Sun Life Financial www.sunlife.ca


Fidelity Investments www.fidelity.ca

Royal Bank Insurance www.rbcinsurance.com

Great West Life www.greatwestlife.com

Transamerica www.transamerica.ca


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