DC Complete Financial's Code of Ethics:
  1. Our advisors and staff will always put your interests first and respect all governing regulations
  2. clients are entitled to objective and verifiable information relevant to themselves and their unique situations
  3. clients will receive the lowest cost of investment in any of their respective portfolios primarily through our no deferred sales charge, and no front end charge policy. Annual base service fees may be waived for accounts meeting minimum requirements and bundling or affinity discounts may also be offered on fee for service charges
  4. client returns will always be compared to relevant benchmarks or indexes
  5. only strategies and products that can reasonably offer fair returns will be recommended.
  6. clients will be warned about the negative risks of, shorting, market timing, excessive risk, and leverage
  7. for long term investments, clients will be shown top tier fund picks based on Globefund, Prostation, Morningstar or any future well recognized fund evaluation platform.
  8. for short term investments, clients will be shown top tier fixed income products or investments with good short term returns and low risk based on the current economic climate
  9. clients will be recommended proprietary products only if objectively relevant to the individual client's situation

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