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I have known Rod for more than a decade. He is training to be licensed for  life insurance and segregated fund sales. He is a quick learner and above all an ethical person. Rod comes from the film, personal coaching and kite surfing industries but decided to finally follow his passion to a career in financial services. Rod is currently doing his licensing course and once complete will be assisting our team with client appointments to learn what it takes to service our clients' unique needs.

Rod brings to the table real world experiences and personal experiences in stock and bullion investments. We look forward to him joining our team.



Is an integral part of our team. Sheri is strictly licensed for life insurance and segregated fund product sales. Sheri comes from a variety of past experiences including business management and problem resolution.

She is a Vancouverite born and raised. Growing up in Port Coquitlam and attending Terry Fox high school, she knows what local residents are like and what they dream of in their lives. She loves the outdoors and spends a lot of time camping and traveling to far off places.

Sheri is a dog lover and is seen by many in her circle of influence as “the mom” who will take care of everything when “stuff happens”.

She has first hand experience of what can happen if you are unprepared, she came to be a financial advisor in order to help prepare as many people as she could for the unexpected.

 Sheri likes to create a strong bond between herself and all of her friends, family and clients.

*    Veterinary assistant license from Granville Business College

*    Entered helicopter industry in 2000

*    2002 got into management Prism Helicopters and worked with them as they grew from a 5 machine fleet to 25 machine fleet in 7 years

*    property and casualty license since 2010

*    financial advisor since 2010


 Feel free to contact us for a no obligation financial check-up and use the results to clarify your own situation and see what choices you have to face your challenges.

David, BSc, BA, CPCA, CFP®

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David is DC Complete Financial’s owner and advisory team leader, licensed for life insurance and segregated fund products sales through a variety of carriers and for mutual fund sales through Investia. After over 11 years of field experience, David is happy to announce that he has passed the Financial Planning Standards Level 1 Certificant exam.

He is a McGill and UBC alumni who has has a variety of degrees and professional training with real world experiences. He is no stranger to governance as he serves as a director on various boards and is president of his 530 member strata. He volunteers for a variety of non-profit organizations and mentors young Canadian business entrepreneurs.

Born and raised in Vancouver, David has built strong relationships with friends, colleagues and clients. Everybody knows that he and his team are "there for them". Their mission is to "empower everyone to do the seemingly impossible!" In the pursuit of this mission, David's team has a wide network of affiliations that allow him to help those in need even if the problem is not financial.

Also as part of his mission to help those around him, David is an advocate in the community for sustainable growth. For the last few years he has been speaking out about the unsustainable growth in Vancouver real estate values due to the commoditization of it by unregulated foreign investment. He has been recognized as one of the more knowledgeable professionals in this area.
-Advocating at at townhall meeting organized by David Eby of the NDP
-Part of a 6 minute live interview on Global BC-1 News regarding Vancouver Real Estate
-Roundhouse Radio interview

David has been in the financial field since January 2004 and specializes in investment, insurance, and leveraging strategies for personal and corporate matters focusing on minimizing financial loss and encouraging growth. Through stop-loss plans and low tax investments, he has helped many families meet their financial challenges, particularly those with disabilities that want federal and social benefits integrated into their plans. David is currently taking his Certified Financial Planner Licensing course to add to his skill set to benefit his clients financial planning.

In his spare time, David enjoys spending time with his family, watching movies, motorcycling and technical scuba diving.

  • Received a B.Sc. in human physiology from McGill University and a B.A. with awards and honours in bio-psychology from UBC.
  • Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, 3 year Order of Merit qualifier, currently working towards his certified financial planner designation.
  • Worked in a variety of professions including heavy machinery operator, light commercial scuba diver, and business manager.
  • Currently one of handful of technical-diver instructors with PADI-DSAT and well respected life support equipment technician
  • Director and newsletter editor with Barnet Rifle Club since 1995.
  • President to his 530 unit, residential strata council, 7 years running.
  • Guest business psychology speaker for UBC’s Social Psychology Department.
  • Job Interview Process coach and Work Experience mentor with Fraser Heights Secondary School
  • Guest lecturer for Financial Matters with Fraser Heights Secondary School
  • Workshop presenter for the Czorny Alzheimer Centre
  • Workshop presenter for the Developmental Disabilities Association of British Columbia
  • Workshop presenter for the North Shore Connexions society
  • Workshop presenter for Community Living BC North Shore division
  • Entrepreneur mentor for Canadian Youth Business Foundation
  • Disability Supports for Employment Granting Committee Member with the Vancouver Foundation
  • Vice President and Treasurer for Beauty Night Society helping marginalized downtown eastside women find new self-esteem and change lives from 2010-2015
  • Expert consultant to the Financial Operations Authority (LLQP licensing) to help create the new LLQP national curriculum and examination for licensing (2012-2013)
  • Co-chair and co-treasuer elementary school PAC 2015 to present
  • treasurer pro-tempore


 Feel free to contact us for a no obligation financial check-up and use the results to clarify your own situation and see what choices you have to face your challenges.



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